A lot of things can happen to you when you are going through a messy financial situation. One of the things that can happen to you is that you get to work and your employer informs you that your wages are going to be garnished. Well, if you are still confused with what a garnishment means, it is a court order requiring your employer to withhold a part of your monthly pay so that it can be used to offset your debts. This happens most of the time and it compounds your debt problems because you become more worried on how to pay your mortgage, house bills and even take care of your family. Because you are undergoing the situation listed above, I am sure you must have asked a lot of questions like “how can I put a stop to this?” Below are a couple options available to stop garnishments.

Settle your outstanding debt – This is the easiest and even the most available option available to you to stop the garnishment on your wage. You would never get hurt by making a repayment offer to your creditor and see what they feel about it. Some creditors are understanding and would settle for less as long as it guarantees that their money will be paid in full. You can take this option and you would be surprised at how this will help to put a stop to your wage garnishment.